Introducing CSEL's Research Hub:

01 Oct 2015

Today we’re very pleased to launch the online Research Hub of the Centre for the Study of Emotion and Law – a brand new portal for a growing repository of research papers relating to the intersection of psychology and the law, as well as an online home for all of CSEL’s own research papers.

At CSEL we aim to improve the fairness of decision making that affects vulnerable people, through producing relevant scientific evidence about psychology, and disseminating research findings to the practitioners and decision makers who can use it. This website will, we hope, become an integral platform and effective tool in achieving our twin objectives.

Our Research Hub is for anyone who works with or for people seeking justice and protection, and who wishes to ensure that decisions about these people are based on the best available psychological knowledge about how people behave, how they respond to trauma, and how people present themselves before the law. So, the Research Hub is for decision-makers, policy-makers, legal and clinical practitioners, advocates and campaigners.

We hope that you will use our Research Hub whenever you are looking for evidence from the psychological literature in your work with people seeking protection and justice.

As well as a comprehensive list of CSEL publications (split into papers and book chapters) we have listed our and others’ papers under topics. So if you have a client with memory problems, you could go to the ‘Topic: Memory’ section to find papers to read to understand how memory works, and studies to demonstrate some of the difficulties, for example what makes it difficult to provide a consistent memory over 2 or more interviews.

The site is also CSEL’s online presence, and home to the training resources we make freely available to all. We will post information about our forthcoming training and dissemination seminars and events, and news updates about our international and UK-based influencing work. You can also sign up to our newsletter, and find information on how to donate to keep our work going, from the navigation at the top of the website’s home page.

We hope you’ll find the site useful and interesting. It’s an ongoing project, and, as with knowledge gathering, dissemination is always a work in progress. We would love to have your feedback, and to know how you are using the Hub – and to hear your suggestions for improving it. To get in touch email