Credibility Assessment in Asylum Procedures - A Multidisciplinary Training Manual (Volume 2)

The multi-disciplinary 'CREDO' training manual, Volume 2, with a CSEL chapter on psychological factors in claims made by children.

Suggested citation:

Hungarian Helsinki Committee, Credibility Assessment in Asylum Procedures - A Multidisciplinary Training Manual, Volume 2, 2015, Volume 2, available at: [Accessed <your access date>]

The second volume of this multidisciplinary training manual on how to conduct credibility assessment in asylum claims was the result of the second "CREDO" project - “Building Credibility – Supporting EU-wide access to know-how on objective credibility assessment” - a Europe-wide project to review and collect best practice on credibility in asylum claims. CREDO 2 focused on claims made by children. It was led by the Hungarian Helsinki Committee in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) and Asylum Aid (UK). The project was co-funded by the European Commission.

The manual contains a chapter on child claims by CSEL's Zoe Given-Wilson, which outlines some of the main issues that must be taken into account if correct and safe decisions are to be made about unaccompanied young people in need of protection. Other chapters address the multilingual aspects of claims (Gábor Gyulai. editor), gender (Debora Singer), and sexual orientation or gender identity (S. Chelvan).

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